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545A Logic Probe

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Ключевые возможности и технические характеристики


  • Variable threshold levels
  • Blinks at a constant rate (about 10 MHz) to indicate activity
  • High input impedance helps avoid circuit loading


The Keysight 545A logic probe provides an effective solution for digital troubleshooting problems. Like all Keysight probes, the 545A is an automatic, multi-family instrument with standard definitions of HIGH, LOW, and bad level common to both microprocessors and random logic.

The low-cost instrument-on-a-chip 545A requires little operator orientation, no adjustments, and no control setting. Just place the probe tip on a gate, ROM, address bus, or I/O port and read HIGHs, LOWs, open circuits or bad levels, single pulses, or pulse trains. The simple, unambiguous, one-lamp indicator allows 360-degree viewing to clearly and quickly show the state of the circuit under test without time-consuming interpretation.