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10737R Compact Three Axis Interferometer

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The Keysight 10737R Compact Right Turning Three Axis Interferometer improves positioning accuracy of precision equipment. Its multi-axis laser measurements provide precise control of multi-axis stages. Each linear and angular degree of freedom can be measured and controlled to compensate for mechanical imperfections in the stage's motion. Similar in function to the 10735A and 10736A interferometers, it provides a compact, lower cost package. The inherent beam parallelism ensures that there is essentially no cosine error between the three measurements and also ensures angle accuracy for pitch and yaw measurements. Other characteristics include: 

  • Simple multi-axis installation and alignment
  • Quick connection to remote receiver pickups
  • Compact, inexpensive package
  • Turns measurement beam to the right

The 10737R is identical to the 10737L, except that the 'L' bends the measurement beams to the left and the 'R' bends the beams to the right, as viewed from the incoming beam.

  • Application: 3 linear plane mirror measurements (displacement on X-axis, yaw on Z-axis and pitch on Y-axis)
  • Distinguishing Feature: compact, inexpensive 3-axis measurements (linear, pitch and yaw)
  • # of Axis: 3
  • Maximum Beam Size: 3 mm
  • Beam Separation: see specs
  • Weight: 490 g (1 lb 1.3 oz)
  • Fundamental Optical Resolution: λ/4 (158.2 nm, 6.2 µin)
  • System Resolution: displacement λ/128 (5 nm, 0.2 µin), yaw 0.07 arcsec (0.35 µrad), pitch 0.14 arcsec (0.7 µrad) based on using 32x electronic resolution extension 
  • System Resolution: displacement λ/1024 (0.62 nm, 0.024 µin), yaw 0.01 arcsec (0.04 µrad), pitch 0.02 arcsec (0.1 µrad) based on using 256x electronic resolution extension 
  • Reflector: Plane mirror or cube corners
  • Mount Used: 10711A
  • Referenced: No
  • Turned Configuration: Yes