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Successful COMINT missions depend on the highest productivity from system creators, systems, and operators. Enhance your productivity by adding the Keysight E9830A Delay Memory module to a COMINT system. Delay memory lets you see signals from the beginning, ensuring first-bit or first-syllable copy of energy of interest. In systems that perform signal monitoring, use the E9830A to give your DSP algorithms the time they need to detect signals of interest hidden in a digital data stream.

  • Eight SDRAM DIMM sockets allow 128 to 2048 MB of delay memory
  • Simultaneous input and output data transfers at up to 53 MB/sKeysight local bus
  • Delay mode allows delay time to be set in increments of 512 bytes
  • Snapshot mode collects input data up to 2048 MB
  • VXI plug&play compatible