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N2727A Printer Kit

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The Keysight N2727A printer kit comes complete with everything you need for easy documentation directly from your 54620/40-series oscilloscope. It lets you easily print screen displays and key setup parameters so you can include them in reports and share them with colleagues.

You don't need a separate power supply with this thermal printer because it's powered directly from your oscilloscope. And it includes a specially designed short, flat, parallel cable to make it easy to connect it to your scope.


  • Easily print screens and setups
  • No separate power supply required
  • Seiko DPO-414 thermal printer
  • Printer pouch
  • Power cable
  • Special parallel cable
  • 3 rolls of printer paper
  • Dimensions (printer): 166 mm x 166 mm x 66 mm
  • Typical print speed: 2:33 minutes
  • Typical scope spool time: 9 seconds