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14769A Package of RTS Software

Статус продукта: Устарело | Варианты сервисной поддержки
Этот продукт больше не поставляется

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This Keysight 14769A package delivers all the currently available regulatory test solution (RTS) software modules at a special price. It includes: 14761A Harmonic and Flicker Emissions Tests, 14762A Voltage and Frequency Disturbances Immunity Tests, 14763A Interharmonics Immunity Test.

These software modules can be ordered for use with the Keysight 6812B and 6813B regulatory test solutions. Although 6841A, 6842A and 6843A have been discontinued, the RTS software modules can be purchased to work with these units also.

  • Run a sequence of test steps or individual test steps
  • Enables external executable file to monitor equipment under test (EUT)
  • Test progress indicators
  • Report generation capabilities
  • Test termination under user specified conditions
  • Windows® based software