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Radio Access and Core Network Test

As Wireless network architectures evolve towards disaggregated devices and functions using standardized interfaces, vendors within the network infrastructure and network operator eco-system need solutions to address their emerging test needs. These include needs for compliance, interoperability, performance of devices and heterogeneous, multi-vendor radio networks.

Keysight offers a comprehensive test suite for end-to-end performance verification of any 5G network element, spanning for physical layer to application layer. Keysight created this unique position thanks to the company’s early engagement in the O-RAN Alliance, an organization leading the industry towards open, interoperable interfaces and RAN virtualization.

  • Scalable UE emulation solutions for Network Performance full stack testing for LTE and 5G NR (NSA & SA)
  • Functional and load testing from the lab environment to field testing, trials and deployments
  • O-RAN O-RU emulation solution for O-DU performance test
  • O-RAN O-DU emulation for functional and Performance Validation of O-RAN Compliant Radio Units