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Keysight 89600 VSA Software Product Training eLearning Program

Available in the US and select countries. Contact us to check for availability.

Ensure maximum optimization of your Keysight Software

  • Obtain the knowledge and skills your engineers and technicians need to implement new technologies faster
  • Get one year’s unlimited access to highly valuable, professionally developed training material
  • Take advantage of hands-on simulations and exercises, learn at your own pace and focus only on the topics you are interested in

What you will learn

  • Vector signal analysis fundamentals and theory of operation
  • How to use 89600 VSA software’s core analysis features to examine signals in the time, frequency, and modulation domains. 
  • In-depth study of digital demodulation covering the different types of available measurements including commonly used eye diagrams and EVM
  • Steps to making accurate digital modulation measurements.

Who should attend?

Hardware design and software engineers in the wireless communications and aerospace & defense industries. This is of particular interest for new or experienced engineers looking to optimize the use of the VSA software for evaluation and development of components, transmitters and systems.

Delivery Method

To save you time and money, this course is delivered via state-of-the-art self-paced eLearning professionally developed by the Keysight experts.

eLearning module What you will learn Duration Price

Vector signal analysis introduction and theory of operation

(T6504A, opt. 200)

  • Block diagram
  • Sampling and aliasing
  • Demodulation
  • FFTs and the relationship between time and frequency
  • Windowing
  • Baseband vs. zoom data
  • Multi-channel configurations
1 hour $125

89600 VSA software introduction

(T6504A, opt. 201)

  • Software overview
  • Core analysis features
    • Triggering
    • Averaging
    • Markers and limits
    • Spectrogram
    • Time-gating
    • Recording & playback
    • Macros
1 hour $125

Digital demodulation

(T6504A, opt. 202)

  • Modulation basics
    • Analog modulation
    • Digital modulation
    • Frequency modulation
    • Filtering
  • Digital modulation measurements
    • Measurement types
      • Power
      • Frequency
      • Timing
      • Modulation accuracy
    • VSA digital demodulation block diagram
    • Eye diagrams
    • EVM
    • Digital demodulation properties
    • Common impairments
    • Steps to digital demodulation
    • Equalization
 2 hours $250 

Comprehensive exam

(T6504A, opt. 900)

  •  Comprehensive test covering all modules
 1 hour $100 

Program Package

(T6504A, opt. 100)

  • All three vector signal analysis modules, as described above (option 200, 201, 202)
  • Comprehensive exam (option 900)
  • Program completion certificate
 4 hours  $500

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