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L8990M Series Modular Switch Matrices

Keysight’s L8990M Modular Switch Matrix provides a cost effective and quick ship solution with a simple and flexible platform for basic RF switching. The L8990M can support up to 30 switch channels in a 2U rack-mountable enclosure with signal frequencies up to 67 GHz. It can support up to 66 switch channels in a 4U high enclosure. This provides the capability to test a wide range of RF and telecommunication products and devices.

Excellent RF performance – based on the proven family of Keysight RF switches, specified for low loss and high repeatability in applications up to 67 GHz

  • User-defined configurations – modules and slot locations are specified by the user
  • Fast delivery – many modules maintained in stock
  • Lower cost – standard platform and modules
  • Automated and manual control – based on the Keysight L449n Controller with LAN, SCPI command set and web-based GUI
  • Accessories and custom capabilities – RF cables and other RF devices

The Keysight L8990M Modular Switch Matrix is useful for prototyping, benchtop setups and integrated systems in a wide variety of RF applications including:

  • Satellite
  • Antennas
  • Radar
  • Electronic warfare
  • Radios
  • RF components
  • Mobile phones
  • Base stations

Each L8990M Modular Switch Matrix is delivered fully integrated according to the user-specified configuration. The Modular Switch Matrix includes:

  • Rack-mountable enclosure, either 2U or 4U
  • Modules installed in front panel slots – each module consists of a switch or other RF component secured to a sub-panel
  • Filler panels in unused slots
  • Internal controller and power supply
  • Internal driver boards and cables necessary to support chosen modules
  • User manual, customized for the specified configuration
  • RF cables available

To request pricing and delivery, please complete the L8990M Modular Switch Matrix Configuration Form and email to quotes.adsys@keysight.com

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