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RF Microwave Switch Matrices

RF Switch Matrix from Keysight

An RF switch matrix provides automatic routing and RF microwave signal conditioning between test equipment and the unit under test (UUT) in an RF/microwave ATE system. They provide consistent signal paths, enable automation of tests, and often include signal conditioning.

Keysight has designed and built thousands of custom switch matrix using a mature development and delivery process. Each rf switch matrix is carefully optimized by experienced system engineers for the customer’s specific application. Quality and performance is assured by specification of the best components for the application, defined manufacturing processes, and thorough testing. Keysight offers two platforms depending on the degree of customization required:

RF Switch Matrices - Z2091B Series

Keysight’s fully customized RF switch matrix products range from basic RF switches arranged in standard topologies to complex RF switches and other signal routing and conditioning components arranged in highly complex and custom topologies. Keysight has delivered a wide range of different switch matrix designs to a variety of customers including commercial, aerospace, defense and government.

Modular Switch Matrices - L8990M

Keysight’s L8990M Modular Switch Matrices provide a cost effective and quick-ship solution with a simple and flexible platform for front-panel mounted RF switching. The L8990M can support up to 30 switch channels in a 2U rack-mountable enclosure with signal frequencies up to 67 GHz. It can support up to 66 switch channels in a 4U high enclosure. This provides the capability to test a wide range of RF and telecommunication products and devices.

  • L8990M Series Modular Switch Matrices L8990M Series Modular Switch Matrices 

    L8990M Series Modular Switch Matrices

    Excellent RF performance – based on the proven family of Keysight RF switches, specified for low loss and high repeatability in applications up to 67 GHz.

    • User-defined configurations
    • Fast delivery
    • Lower cost

  • Z2091B-xxx RF Microwave Switch Matrices Z2091B-xxx RF Microwave Switch Matrices 

    Z2091B-xxx RF Microwave Switch Matrices

    Keysight custom switch matrices (also known as RF test sets, chasses or drawers) cover a wide range of signal routing applications. Topologies range from a simple 1x6 to complex non-blocking with full access and signal conditioning.