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Keysight RF & MW Fundamentals eLearning Program

Available in the US and select countries. Contact us to check for availability.

Ensure maximum optimization of your Keysight Instruments

  • Obtain the knowledge and skills your engineers and technicians need to implement new technologies faster
  • Get one year’s unlimited access to highly valuable, professionally developed training material
  • Take advantage of hands-on simulations and exercises, learn at your own pace and focus only on the topics you are interested in 

What you will learn?

  • What are the most important RF and microwave measurements
  • Critical success factors for ensuring accuracy
  • How to get the most productivity and value from Keysight instruments 

Who should attend? 

Engineers and technicians who work with RF & microwave test instruments and want to review the fundamentals. 

Delivery Method

To save you time and money, this course is delivered via state-of-the-art self-paced eLearning professionally developed by the Keysight experts.

eLearning module What you will learn  Duration Price 
Cable and Connector Care
(T6501A, opt. 200)
  • How to use different types of connectors most effectively
  • How to inspect and maintain connectors to ensure accuracy and prevent damage
  • Apply the industry standard specifications for connectors
2 Hrs $ 250
Transmission Line Fundamentals
(T6501A, opt. 201)
  • Concept of a transmission line versus a simple “hookup”
  • Relationship between reflections and impedance
  • Meaning of characteristic impedance
  • Calculations to move between VSWR, Return loss and Reflection Coefficient
2 Hrs $ 250
Power Measurement Basics
(T6501A, opt. 205)
  • Definition of the three basic types of power measurements and their importance
  • Power meter/sensor measurement methods
  • Two most prevalent sensor technologies
  • Advanced measurements techniques
  • Formulas to calculate power measurement uncertainty
2 Hrs $ 250
Signal Generator Sources
(T6501A, opt. 204)
  • Basics of amplitude modulation
  • Basics of frequency modulation
  • Basics of digital modulation
2 Hrs $ 250
General Spectrum Analysis
(T6501A, opt. 202)
  • Basic functionality of Spectrum Analyzers
  • How to use Spectrum Analyzers to their fullest potential
  • How to make more effective measurements for particular applications
4 Hrs $ 500

Network Analysis

(T6501A, opt. 203)

  • Basics of network analysis
  • How to use network analyzers to their fullest potential
  • How to make more effective measurements for particular applications
4 Hrs $ 500

Comprehensive Exam 
(T6501A, opt. 900)

  • Comprehensive test covering all modules
1 Hr $100
Program Package
(T6501A, opt. 100)
  • All six modules, as described above
  • Comprehensive exam
  • Program completion certificate
17 Hrs $2000

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