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Device Current Waveform Analyzers

The CX3300 series of Device Current Waveform Analyzers is the world’s first instrument that clearly and precisely visualizes low-level current waveforms previously unmeasurable or undetectable.

The dedicated Current Sensors measure from 100 pA level dynamic current up to 10 A with a maximum of 200 MHz bandwidth. The mainframe acquires the signal from the sensors by a maximum of 1 GSa/s sampling speed and 14-bit and 16-bit wide dynamic range. This combination allows you to measure quite wide range of dynamic current, for example, from standby/sleep state to active state, at a single measurement. In addition, the wide bandwidth and the high speed acquisition enable you to measure high speed pulse response even less than 100 ns previously very difficult with existing instruments.

No manual will be necessary to start your current waveform measurements. The 14.1 inch touch-panel based display and familiar user interface do not waste your precious time.

With these unprecedented features and performance, the CX3300 series drastically accelerates your test and measurement efficiency and provides more in-depth insights for your research and development.