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N9926A FieldFox Handheld Software

Enable deeper insights in measurement and analysis by expanding the capabilities of your FieldFox handheld analyzer with software upgradeable capabilities. These capabilities are engineered to deliver precise measurements that agree with benchtop results into the field.

Features available for N9926A (Base model: vector network analyzer):

  • VNA time domain
  • Mixed-mode S-parameters
  • QuickCal
  • TDR cable measurements
  • Vector voltmeter
  • Cable and antenna analyzer
  • USB power sensor support
  • Pulse measurements with USB peak power sensor
  • Built-in power meter
  • Built-in variable DC voltage source
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • Remote control capability

and more

  • N9926A-010 Time Domain N9926A-010 Time Domain 

    N9926A-010 Time Domain

    • Fully error-corrected time domain reflection or transmission response
    • Gating available to remove unwanted response
    • View time and frequency domain data simultaneously

  • N9926A-030 Remote Control Capability N9926A-030 Remote Control Capability 

    N9926A-030 Remote Control Capability

    • Adds remote control capability to FieldFox for iDevices
    • User must supply iPad, iPhone, or iPod
    • User must download free FieldFox app from App Store

  • N9926A-112 QuickCal N9926A-112 QuickCal 

    N9926A-112 QuickCal

    • Adds QuickCal calibration to FieldFox
    • No cal kit required
    • Optional load for better accuracy
    • Designed for Type-N and 7/16 connectors

  • N9926A-208 USB Power Sensor Measurements Versus Frequency N9926A-208 USB Power Sensor Measurements Versus Frequency 

    N9926A-208 USB Power Sensor Measurements Versus Frequency

    • Swept-frequency power measurement
    • Frequency-offset capability
    • Measurements require a USB power sensor
    • Option 302 is a pre-requisite

  • N9926A-211 Full 2-port S-parameters N9926A-211 Full 2-port S-parameters 

    N9926A-211 Full 2-port S-parameters

    • Adds reverse measurements to the base model
    • All four S-parameters (S21, S11, S12, S22), magnitude and phase
    • 30 kHz to 14 GHz

  • N9926A-212 Mixed-Mode S-Parameters N9926A-212 Mixed-Mode S-Parameters 

    N9926A-212 Mixed-Mode S-Parameters

    • Mixed-mode or balanced reflection measurements
    • Scc11, Sdd11, Sdc11, Scd11
    • Option 211 is a pre-requisite for Option 212

  • N9926A-215 TDR Cable Measurements N9926A-215 TDR Cable Measurements 

    N9926A-215 TDR Cable Measurements

    Option 215 adds time domain reflectometry (TDR) measurements to CAT mode. The measurements include TDR (linear rho) and TDR impedance (ohm).

  • N9926A-302 External USB Power Sensor Support N9926A-302 External USB Power Sensor Support 

    N9926A-302 External USB Power Sensor Support

    • Adds Keysight USB power sensor support to FieldFox analyzers
    • Frequency and power range depend on sensor

  • N9926A-305 Cable and Antenna Analyzer N9926A-305 Cable and Antenna Analyzer 

    N9926A-305 Cable and Antenna Analyzer

    • 30 kHz to 14 GHz
    • 54 cable types stored (loss and velocity factor)
    • Custom cable editing capability
    • DTF to 5 km

  • N9926A-307 GPS receiver N9926A-307 GPS receiver 

    N9926A-307 GPS receiver

    • Adds internal GPS receiver to FieldFox
    • Geo-location data: latitude, longitude, altitude, time, sync time/date
    • Increase frequency reference accuracy
    • Order antenna separately

  • N9926A-308 Vector Voltmeter N9926A-308 Vector Voltmeter 

    N9926A-308 Vector Voltmeter

    • Vector voltmeter mode
    • 1-port cable trimming
    • 2-port transmission
    • B/A and A/B

  • N9926A-309 DC Bias Variable Voltage Source N9926A-309 DC Bias Variable Voltage Source 

    N9926A-309 DC Bias Variable Voltage Source

    • Internal built-in power supply
    • Voltage: +1 to +32 V
    • Maximum current: 0.65 A
    • Maximum power: 7 watts

  • N9926A-310 Built-in Power Meter N9926A-310 Built-in Power Meter 

    N9926A-310 Built-in Power Meter

    • Built-in channel power meter
    • No sensor required
    • 100 kHz to 14 GHz

  • N9926A-330 Pulse Measurements N9926A-330 Pulse Measurements 

    N9926A-330 Pulse Measurements

    • Pulse measurements using FieldFox and USB peak power sensors
    • Measure average power, peak power, and peak to average ratio
    • Pulse profiling and pulse statistics such as rise time, fall time and PRF