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PRBS Generators

The Keysight Technologies family of PRBS generators provides the generation of high fidelity pseudo-random binary sequence (2n-1 format) data signals for testing high speed communications components. These low cost, compact generators cover a frequency range from 50 Mb/s to 56 Gb/s, with amplitudes up to 1.6 V pp differential and low jitter, fast rise/fall times. The PRBS generators combined with a DCA wideband sampling oscilloscope allow easy stimulus-response testing of components such as driver amplifiers, optical modulators, cable & backplane testing for 100GbE, 10GbE, 10/40G SONET/SDH, 8G/16G FC, OIF-CEI 25/28/56G applications.

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Tips for Preventing Damage to N4974A and N4975A PRBS Generators
This document provides important information for preventing damage to N4974A and N4975A PRBS Generators.

Справочное руководство 2015-01-26

N495xA through N498xA Connector Care – Reference Guide
This document shows proper connector care and connection techniques for extending the life of devices.

Справочное руководство 2015-01-01

N4974A PRBS Generator 44 Gb/s - Data Sheet
The N4974A PRBS Generator is a pattern generator operating at 44 Gb/s, 28 Gb/s, or 25 Gb/s.

Техническая информация 2014-04-09

N4974A PRBS Generator 44 Gb/s – User’s Guide
This manual is designed to familiarize users with the fundamental operations of the N4974A PRBS Generator 40 Gb/s.

Руководство пользователя 2014-04-01