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Discontinued Signametrics Products

Transition from Signametrics to Keysight products
Signametrics was acquired by Keysight Technologies in October, 2010. Three new Keysight PXI digital multimeter products have been brought to market through the partnership between Signametrics and Keysight Technologies. The Keysight PXI-DMMs (M9181A, M9182A, and M9183A) are based on the Signametrics SMX2060 series DMM designs and these new products meet Keysight's strict product requirements. Signametrics (PXI, USB, and PCI) DMM and switch products were available for sale – to provide for last time purchases. As of December 31, 2011, all Signametrics products are discontinued. However, each individual Signametrics product page is provided here on the Keysight website for support purposes and include datasheets, manuals, drivers, and downloads. Click on an individual product page to find more information about a specific Signametrics product.

For additional details, view latest Keysight announcement (January 2012)