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Discontinued ESA Series Spectrum Analyzers

ESA Spectrum Analyzer (Keysight)

The ESA family of spectrum analyzers have proven and guaranteed performance with the flexibility to select the right level of functionality. The ESA is available in three express analyzers.

  • ESA-L basic analyzer - For basic, quality, spectrum analysis on RF or microwave signals at an affordable price. Includes many built in measurement functions.
  • ESA-E standard analyzer - For general spectrum analysis of RF or microwave signals. Includes an advanced set of firmware features and functions in an upgradable platform. Optional measurement features available such as noise figure and phase noise.
  • ESA-E communication test analyzer - For spectrum analysis focused specifically in demodulation of wireless signals. Customers looking to use the 89601A VSA software should consider the EXA signal analyzer.

This page provides information about discontinued Keysight ESA Series Spectrum Analyzers. View the list of ESA series of spectrum analyzers discontinuing and obsolete products as below to find out the replacement product for each of the product.

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