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Utility Card: Flash Programming Applications

Utility Card Flash Programming Applications

With the Keysight Medalist i3070 Series 5 utility card, you can integrate the programming module with revolutionary high-speed architecture inside the i3070 or 3070 testhead*.

This new feature enables the Keysight Medalist i3070 ICT to perform higher speed flash programming at the ICT station in the printed circuit board assembly manufacturing line. You can combine programming and testing into a single phase, to save time and money. This in-system programming (ISP) flash solution is tester-based and does not rely on fixtures, thus enabling greater flexibility and ease of debugging.

Keysight and its partners provide various flash solutions. You can choose an option that works best for you based on the programming speed, specifications, prices, supported devices and protocols.

Interested to provide solutions on Keysight's utility card? Contact us today!

Learn more about the Medalist i3070 Series 5

* Customers who are currently using the existing i3070 or 3070 series of testers on software versions earlier than 08.00p can enjoy the full capabilities of the Series 5 utility card by upgrading their hardware and software. For more information, please contact us.

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