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SerialTek SAS/SATA BusXpert Analyzers, BusMod Error Injectors, BusGen BIST Generator

SerialTek´s SAS/SATA test solutions represent the industry’s most advanced protocol analysis, error injection, and BIST generation tools. Hardware and software innovations such as a PCIe® to Host connection, Trace Indexing, bi-directional injection, and microprocessor-assisted InstaSearch improve the user experience when developing and debugging SAS and/or SATA products. These technologies, along with the industry´s largest analyzer buffer size of 36GB, and a simple, robust GUI allow users to efficiently display, manipulate, error inject, trigger and save traces at speeds not seen in any other competitive offering. The BusXpert, BusMod, and BusGen are available in several configurations varying on protocol line rate, port count, buffer size and platform. Both the PRO and Micro platforms are lightweight, highly portable and easily upgraded.

PCI Express and PCIe are registered trademarks of PCI-SIG.

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