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Discontinued PCIe Exercisers

PCIe® - PCI Express and PCIe are registered trademarks of PCI-SIG.

Fully validate the DUT (device under test)

  • Emulates both root complex and endpoint to allow testing of any type of DUT for PCIe 2.0.
  • Validates the DUT under extreme conditions by creating corner cases and injecting errors with the protocol exerciser.
  • Uses the protocol exerciser and test backplane to test the end point without a system.
  • Automates testing with the built-in API interface.

Thorough link testing

  • Pre-defined LTSSM tests can help validate complex and hard to test state transition of the DUT´s LTSSM.
  • Easily validate new additions to the 2.0 specifications, including dynamic lane width changes, and link negotiations.

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