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High-Speed Multichannel Data Acquisition Systems and Software

High Speed Data Acquisition System

Keysight AXIe high-speed digitizers provide the ideal solution for advanced experiments in hydrodynamics, plasma fusion, particle physics, and aerospace & defense. With these modules you can build a large number of synchronous acquisition channels with unprecedented measurement fidelity in the smallest footprint. Advanced IP design, state-of-the-art technology and on-board real-time data processing are combined to achieve outstanding performance.

Build Multichannel Data Acquisition System

Large systems can be built by simply populating a chassis with your choice of digitizers. A selection of configurable companion products is also provided, including signal conditioning, chassis and controllers.

Moreover, the AcqirisMAQS Multichannel Data Acquisition Software, designed specifically for large scale experiments enables configuration management as well as visualization of data for hundreds of channels from a single console.

Whether your application requirements are clear or you are at the earlier stage of your selection, Keysight's digitizer specialists are there to help you define the best solution for your applications.

Contact us to request more information about high speed data acquisition system.

You can also find more news about the evolution of the high-speed digitizer technology on Keysight Digitizers Blog.