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High-Speed Digitizers and FPGA Development Kit

With its AXIe, PXIe and PCIe digitizers, Keysight offers you a reliable partnership for your advanced developments.

Keysight unique technology uses proprietary ICs so you can get the most out of the ADCs and FPGAs integrated into the digitizer. On-board real-time algorithm in the FPGA allows fast detection of signal characteristics in various domains.

Our digitizers offer includes an extended range of firmware and application options:

  • Firmware options: Specific real-time functions speeding-up your overall system response time, such as averager or digital down-conversion.
  • Application options: Bundle including software and firmware configurations targeting specific requirements, such as streaming & recording with digital down conversion.

Moreover, if you need to integrate your own real-time IP algorithm, an additional software bundle, the FPGA Development Kit is available.

Our digitizers are used as component in several applications, such as:

  • EW, radar and satellite in Aerospace & Defense
  • Advanced high energy experiments in Physics
  • 5G and wideband MIMO in RF Communication
  • Analytical time-of-flight, medical imaging and LiDAR applications in OEM

Whether your application requirements are clear or you are at the earlier stage of your selection, our digitizer specialists are there to help you define the best solution for your applications. 

Contact us to request more information.

You can also find more news about the evolution of the high-speed digitizer technology on our blog.

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