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Discontinued Protocol Analyzer & Exerciser for Advanced Switching Interconnect (E2980A)

The E2980A protocol analyzer and exerciser for ASI is based on the modular system tester platform with Keysight’s N2X technology. The universal and upgradeable platform offers multi-protocol and time correlated test/cross bus analysis support for ASI, PCI Express and Fibre Channel applications and protects capital investment.

The E2980A protocol analyzer and exerciser makes it easier than ever before to turn on, debug and validate ASI chips, cards and systems in the computing and communication industry. In order to thoroughly test ASI designs, you may need to create system conditions that are difficult to reproduce with existing ASI equipment. The E2980A protocol exerciser and analyzer let you quickly and easily simulate transactions or capture transactions and recreate them.

E2980A protocol analyzer gives you fast access to understandable data

The E2980A protocol analyzer for ASI captures the transactions on an ASI link and allows you to analyze it and troubleshoot problems to find their root cause. The protocol analyzer provides non-intrusive monitoring of traffic between two ASI end nodes. With its transaction analysis capabilities, the analyzer is perfectly suited for the turn-on and debugging of ASI systems and designs. It captures and analyzes datalink layer and transaction-layer packets as well as training sequences and ordered sets.

An easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) offers graphical trigger setup and search and filter capabilities to help you intuitively interpret ASI transactions.

The protocol analyzer's sophisticated trigger capabilities are based on a real time trigger sequencer, that will help you trace ASI around the event of your choice It offers an easy-to-use set up and graphical representation of the trigger sequence. Examples and listed predefined conditions reduce time-consuming trigger set-ups.

E2980A protocol exerciser lets you test and validate your system's performance under varied conditions

With its fully adjustable parameters, the protocol exerciser lets you simulate or generate and respond to any ASI transactions. It is an intelligent I/O communication tool that can emulate an active ASI end node, device or a ASI topology. The exerciser is tailored to validate corner cases situations and emulate stress conditions for components, systems and cards to force them to fail. Additionally the exerciser can insert errors and test the behavior of designs in response to these errors to enable worst-case scenario testing. The intuitive GUI helps you quickly and easily set up basic ASI packets. The GUI offers a menu display of the exerciser's capabilities and allows you to set up single packets or sequences or blocks of packets. For more comprehensive automated tests, you can control the exerciser via a DCOM or TCL programming interface.

Industry-First ATCA Probing Solutions

Industry-First ATCA Probing Solutions

Keysight offers a large portfolio of probing solutions for the System Protocol Tester platform with active and passive interposer probe boards as well as midbus probing for ASI and PCI Express. This portfolio enables more Ffexible connectivity for Protocol Analysis and Traffic Generation of ASI.

The new Keysight E2943A and E2944A Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) probing solutions, which include additional support for the Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMC) standard and help developers increase flexibility in testing their high-speed standards. It is ideal for bring-up and debug, validation and compliance testing of ATCA form-factor-based ASI boards and backplanes. ATCA is the key mechanical form factor used for ASI applications. With the Keysight E2980A, Keysight provides the industry’s most complete offering for ASI protocol analysis, traffic generation and ATCA probing with AMC support. The Keysight E2943A active probe board is the key probing solution for the exerciser to be plugged in the ATCA backplane to emulate real ASI designs or topologies. The active probe board also offers analyzer and exerciser support for the new AMC standard. The Keysight E2944A passive probe board enables non-intrusive capturing of ASI transactions between two e.g. line cards in the ATCA-based backplane. Alternatively, the exerciser can be used to emulate one of the line cards of the test setup.

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