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High-Channel Count Scanning Multimeter & Multiplexers

Keysight E1411B 5.5 Digit Multimeter is designed to make fast accurate reading while scanning. The E1411B uses a three-wire input to reduce noise and settling time. Ideally, the E1411B can be used with one or more E1476A 64-channel 3-wire multiplexer. A single "scan" command can be used to configure the multimeter and multiplexer cards. The E1476A can be used to measure up to 64 channels of common thermocouples, thermistors, RTDs and voltages. No hardware changes are necessary to reconfigure a channel for a different measurement. Wiring is further simplified with the E1476A-106 terminal block featuring QUIC spring clamps. For larger systems that don´t require thermocouples consider the higher density E8462A 256 Channel Multiplexer.

A complete solution would include:

  • One - E1411B 5.5 Digit Multimeter
  • One or more - E1476A 64-channel 3-wire Multiplexer
  • One - E1406A VXI GPIB Command Module
  • One - C-Size VXI Mainframe, 4-Slot