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Fibre Channel Test Solutions for Storage Area Networks (173x Series) (Discontinued)

Keysight's 173x Series Fibre Channel Test Analyzer/Exerciser solutions help Semiconductor and Equipment manufacturers, System integrators and Services providers in the debug, characterization, validation and test of Fibre Channel based equipment, systems and infrastructures.

A traditional Fibre Channel test environment includes active test tools that generate traffic conditions needed to test all of the fabric and equipment capabilities, together with passive protocol analyzers to transparently monitor traffic information within the network. Significant challenges are related to the integration of heterogeneous test tools and various APIs in a common test environment.

The Keysight modular, scalable test solution combines Fibre Channel Protocol Analysis, Traffic Generation and Fabric Performance Measurement in a common versatile, multi-user N2X chassis, helping you get instant insights into your system with multiple applications and analysis tools.

SAN Tester Software Application


SAN Tester GUI Screen Shot

The SAN tester software application helps you configure your test modules to stimulate your Fibre Channel design with configurable traffic and characterize its performance and scalability with multiple real-time measurements including Throughput, Latency, Lost frames and Errors. The SAN Tester application can be used to test Fibre Channel Semiconductors, Switches, Directors & Fabrics.

Each test port can be configured as one or multiple Fibre Channel devices sending and receiving wire speed traffic to other devices. Port to Port, partial mesh and full mesh configurations can be created, testing your devices with realistic or extreme traffic conditions.

It provides extensive parametric control of wire speed Fibre Channel Traffic generation and real time continuous monitoring of performance, robustness, reliability of SAN systems. Thanks to the scalability of the Keysight platform, it can test individual devices to large-scale SAN infrastructures.

Protocol Analysis Software Application


The Protocol Analysis software application will help you record traffic between multiple Fibre Channel Analyzer/Exerciser devices, display it with the appropriate decoding function, helping you quickly find out the root cause of elusive problems. Each analyzer is able to capture relevant information by combining a deep trace and an intuitive high-level multilevel, multi-branch triggering and filtering sequencer. Time correlation is provided between all of the analyzers modules, enabling multi-port, system-level measurement

Keysight Fibre Channel Solution Videos

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