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Laser Interferometers & Calibration Systems

Keysight Technologies is a world leader in the design and manufacture of laser interferometry systems, advanced electronic measurement systems, high-precision optical components, complex monolithic optics (CMOs), and opto-electronic systems design for the most demanding metrology applications. Keysight systems offer high precision in a wide dynamic range, the ability to simultaneously measure a position with multiple degrees of freedom, and the highest accuracy available in both air and vacuum systems.

With more than 11,000 systems delivered, our modular interferometry solutions set the standard for precision measurement of the most challenging applications in semiconductor lithography, aerospace/defense, metrology, and manufacturing. Moving forward, Keysight will continue to innovate systems that will enable the future in each of these markets.

  • Laser Interferometer Position Measurement Systems Laser Interferometer Position Measurement Systems 

    Laser Interferometer Position Measurement Systems

    Keysight's laser interferometry products, laser interferometer distance sensor, modular laser, optics and electronics give customers the flexibility they need in a precision laser measurement system

  • Laser Calibration Systems Laser Calibration Systems 

    Laser Calibration Systems

    Highly-accurate, portable laser-based calibration systems…

Discontinued Precision Measurement - Distance, Time, Frequency, Optics, Physical [Снято с производства]
Support information and resources for discontinued frequency, time, distance, and physical test products.