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GPIB, USB, and Instrument Control Products

Get Hooked today with Keysight GPIB and Instrument Control Products.


GPIB Products and Cables USB, LAN, and RS-232 Products
GPIB Products and Cables USB LAN and RS-232 Products
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Connect and control your GPIB instruments easily with a wide range of connectivity products with PCI, PCIe, USB and LAN interfaces to your PC. Expand and remotely connect your instruments to PC with Keysight’s USB, LAN and RS-232 connectivity products.

Keysight has an extensive selection of products that lets you connect your instruments to PC easily and quickly.

From current industry standard interfaces (GPIB, RS-232) to other PC-standard interfaces (PCI/PCIe, USB, LAN), you can be sure to find the solutions you need for your applications, all at an affordable price.

To quickly establish instrument connection on a PC, download and install Keysight IO Libraries Suite

Automate and perform data analysis on your test system easily with Keysight VEE Pro

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