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Cables and Accessories

Keysight offers a wide selection of system cables, both fiber optic and wire, for use with Keysight Laser Interferometer systems. To interconnect the laser system components, most systems will need at least one each of the three cable types:

  • Fiber optic cable (remote lens assembly to remote or integrated receiver)
  • Receiver cable (remote receiver to laser axis board)
  • Laser head cable (laser head to power supply and laser axis board).

Key features of Laser Interferometer System Cables

  • Multiple lengths available for most cables
  • High performance cables minimize errors for dynamic measurements
  • Locking connectors for most cable ends prevent accidental disconnection

Choose from a wide selection of system cables, hardware and accessories to complete your system the way you want it.

  • Laser Head Cables Laser Head Cables 

    Laser Head Cables

    Choose the appropriate laser head cable in the lengths and connector type you need to connect the laser head to the axis board and the power supply.

  • Receiver Cables Receiver Cables 

    Receiver Cables

    Choose the appropriate receiver cables in the lengths you need to connect the receiver to the electronic board except when N1225A axis board is used.

  • Mounts Mounts 


    Choose the appropriate adjustable mounts for the optics to allow faster and ease of alignment.

Cables and Accessories [Снято с производства]
Discontinued and obsolete cables and accessories