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Coaxial Transfer Switches

Coaxial transfer switch

High Performance Coaxial Transfer Switches for Microwave and RF Instrumentation and Systems

Keysight coaxial transfer switch instruments feature low insertion loss, high isolation, broadband performance, long life and exceptional repeatability. Keysight coaxial switches are all designed with an “edge-line” coaxial structure. This transmission line structure provides for movement of the edge-line center conductor between two fixed, continuous ground planes. The main advantage of this innovation is that the moving contacts can be easily activated, yet maintain high isolation and low insertion loss.

These transfer switches can be used in many different applications to increase system flexibility and simplify system design. The following are five examples: switch between two inputs and two outputs, use as a drop-out switch, use for signal reversal, configure as a SPDT switch, and bypass an active device.

Superior performance with guaranteed specifications to 50 GHz

  • Guaranteed performance < 0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability guaranteed for 5
  • million cycles
    • Long operating life 5 million cycles
    • Low SWR Minimize measurement uncertainty
    • Unique design
  • Wiping action mechanism eliminates particle buildup
  • to ensure reliable switching
    • Broad frequency range
  • DC to 26.5, 40, and 50 GHz

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