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Standard Optics and Assemblies

Choose from a large selection of optical components for different types of measurements and system design flexibility.

Learn more about Laser Interferometer Position Measurement Systems

  • Beam Directing and Reflecting Optics Beam Directing and Reflecting Optics 

    Beam Directing and Reflecting Optics

    Optics to split, bend and reflect the laser beam make layout easier and complete your system.

  • Differential and Compensation Interferometers Differential and Compensation Interferometers 

    Differential and Compensation Interferometers

    One- and two-axis differential interferometers measure relative displacement between two objects. The wavelength tracker automatically compensates for environmental changes.

  • Multiple Axis Interferometers Multiple Axis Interferometers 

    Multiple Axis Interferometers

    Interferometers that measure two and three axes can increase accuracy, reduce alignment time and save space in high performance multi-axis systems.

  • Single Axis Interferometers Single Axis Interferometers 

    Single Axis Interferometers

    Linear, single-beam, and plane mirror interferometers measure motion on a single axis.