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M-Modules & VXI Carriers

Product sold to C&H Technologies, Inc.

Beginning Nov 1, 2005, C&H Technologies, Inc. is the sole supplier of these products.

The C&H Technologies web site has been updated with data sheets, manuals, and all pertinent sales and support information on these products. After Nov 1, all orders and support (for products sold under the C&H Technologies name) are handled by:

C&H Technologies, Inc.
445 Round Rock West Dr.
Round Rock, TX 78681
Phone: 512-733-2621
Fax: 512-733-2629

URL: http://www.chtech.com 


Divested Products
Keysight Product # Description
E2251A C-Size M-Module Carrier
E2259A Double-wide Breadboard M-Module
E2261A Quad RS-232 Interface M-Module
E2270A 16-Channel Form A Switch M-Module
E2271A 4x4 Matrix Switch M-Module
E2272A Dual 8x1 Relay Multiplexer M-Module
E2273A 8-Channel Form C Switch M-Module
E2274A 4-Channel Form C Power Relay M-Module
E2290A 16-Bit Digital I/O M-Module
E2290A 16-Bit Digital I/O M-Module

Note: Keysight will continue to provide warranty and support for all M-Modules products sold under the Keysight name prior to Nov 1, 2005.