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Differential and Compensation Interferometers

One- and two-axis differential interferometers measure relative displacement between two objects. The wavelength tracker automatically compensates for environmental changes.

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  • 10715A Differential Interferometer 10715A Differential Interferometer 

    10715A Differential Interferometer

    The Keysight 10715A differential interferometer performs differential measurements between the supplied reference mirror and a measurement plane mirror.

  • 10717A Wavelength Tracker 10717A Wavelength Tracker 

    10717A Wavelength Tracker

    The Keysight 10717A wavelength tracker tracks changes in the air's index of refraction to optically compensate for environmental changes.

  • 10719A One Axis Differential Interferometer 10719A One Axis Differential Interferometer 

    10719A One Axis Differential Interferometer

    The Keysight 10719A one axis differential interferometer makes either a differential linear or angular measurement for use in single and multiple axis applications.

  • 10721A Two Axis Differential Interferometer 10721A Two Axis Differential Interferometer 

    10721A Two Axis Differential Interferometer

    The Keysight 10721A two axis differential interferometer, when used in multiple axis applications, simultaneously makes two differential measurements.