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Attenuators, Variable

Keysight variable attenuators find use in a wide variety of applications for signal conditioning and level control, such as: reducing signal levels, matching impedances of sources and loads, and measuring the gain or loss of a two-port device. Our variable attenuators offer the best reliability and repeatability in the industry.

PXI Step Attenuator is a variable signal conditioning module that enhances the measurement accuracy and flexibility of PXI based RF and Microwave test systems. M9168C PXI programmable step attenuator module, 0 to 101 dB, DC to 26.5 GHz. 

11716A/C/D/E/F interconnect kits can be used to connect any two of the Keysight 8494/95/96, 84904/8M, 84904/6L, or 84904/6K variable attenuators in series to achieve broader attenuation ranges with 1 dB attenuation step.

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