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Adapters and Connectors

A broad range of connectros and adapters designed for long life, exceptional repeatability, and legendary reliability. Metrology grade, instrument grade, and general purpose grade connectros and adapters are available in frequencies up to 110GHz.

Connector and Adapter Grade Definitions

Metrology Grade Connector and Adapter

Metrology-grade is best suited for calibration applications where the highest performance and repeatability are required. The female connectors in these adapters have slotless connectors. Precision slotless connectors prevent diameter variations in the female center conductor, therefore allowing greater control over connector impedance, unlike instrument-grade or general purpose connectors.

Instrument Grade Connector and Adapter

Instrument-grade is best suited for measurement applications where repeatability and long life are primary considerations. Instrument-grade connectors are intended for use with precision test and measurement equipment where maintaining high performance through many connect/disconnect cycles is of paramount importance. They feature the traditional slotted female contacts.

General-Purpose Grade Connector and Adapter

General-purpose grade connector is intended for economy use on components, cables, and microstrip, where limited connections and low repeatability is acceptable.

Keysight offers a variety of adapters and connectors that are sold only by part numbers. For products sold only by part numbers, please go to Adapters and connectors with Keysight part numbers only

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