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Leading innovation in Vectorless Test Solution - Keysight Medalist iVTEP

In-Circuit Test (ICT) vectorless test technologies, such as TestJet, Vectorless Test Extended Performance (VTEP) and now the latest invention of intelligent Vectorless Test Extended Performance (iVTEP) technology.

Keysight’s introduction of VTEP technology in 2003 allows SMT manufacturers the ability for the first time, to quickly identify solder open defects for BGAs, micro-BGAs and SMT connectors.

It provides accurate measurements down to four femtofarads (4 fF), providing dramatic improvements in unpowered test coverage. VTEP outperforms TestJet, allowing extremely sensitive measurements at in-circuit test (ICT) while saving potentially hours of test development time per board thanks to its auto-debug feature. Yet despite its many advantages, even VTEP cannot test all packaging configurations due to the dynamic needs of the challenging small devices packages with heat spreaders on printed circuit boards.

To meet these market needs, Keysight has once again revolutionized the test industry with the innovation of the next generation of vectorless test in 2006 – intelligent Vectorless Test Extended Performance (iVTEP).

Keysight Medalist iVTEP is an extended version of the patented Keysight VTEP technology and builds on the legacy of Keysight TestJet. This latest innovative solution will address the critical challenges brought on by ultra small devices packages with heat spreaders that are pushing the manufacturers to the limit. With minimal dependency on lead frame geometries, iVTEP yields more reliable and stable measurements to help SMT manufacturers cope with today’s challenging device packages. iVTEP is the only vectorless test solution in the market that has documented proof of single digit femtofarad performance. This new capability is available on all Keysight Medalist i5000 and 3070 in-circuit test (ICT) platforms.


  • Detects unpowered open signals of ultra small geometry packages, devices with minimal or no lead frames and heat spreaders
  • Measurement accuracy in single digit femtofarad performance – more accurate than any other vectorless test solution, including Keysight TestJet and VTEP
  • Covers the huge volume of pins that require measurements below single digit femtofarad, including ultra BGAs, flipchips and devices with heat spreaders
  • Reduces warranty cost to detect process defects that escape in-circuit test
  • Increased coverage and yield more stable, reliable and transportable opens test
  • Zero risk as cost and hardware structure is the same as that for VTEP and TestJet.
  • Available exclusively on all Keysight Medalist ICT Test Systems (i5000 & 3070)

Configuration Considerations

  • Standard on the i5000 configuration running on software revision 6.02
  • Supported on 3070 IPC (Windows-based) configurations running software revision 5.41 or greater
  • Supported on UNIX-based 3070s that have been converted to the 3070 IIPC platform

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