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Test Coverage Reporting

How do you ensure that the test meets the test quality and coverage needs of the design, especially in situations when the board designer and test developer are from two different companies or different sites?

Keysight provides the following test analysis tools in the Medalist ICT family for this purpose:

  • Coverage Analyst with Keysight-pioneered PCOLA and SOQ metrics
  • Board Test Grader for debug
  • Test Coverage Reporting Tool

These test analysis tools provide crucial coverage information to test managers, board designers and production engineers. Information is provided graphically so it's easy to understand and evaluate.

The Coverage Analyst Tool is easy to use, comprehend and navigate. This visual reporting tool uses color-coded and other visual clues to display coverage levels with clarity and precision.

Test managers use Coverage Analyst as a summary tool to evaluate coverage levels, test approach, and details that account for the overall result. Test engineers use it to drill down to greater levels of detail, and investigate where test coverage is adequate versus where it needs to be improved.

Keysight has also pioneered the PCOLA/SOQ reporting metric to help you understand current test coverage and how to improve it. Defects are categorized in several groups.

The first group consists of component property defects. Component properties of interest to the board test community are:

  1. Presence (the device is present)
  2. Correctness (it is the correct device)
  3. Orientation (if polarized, it is not reversed or rotated by 90 degrees)
  4. Live (the device is basically alive – note this is not a full functional qualification)
  5. Alignment (the device is centered, free of skews or small rotations).

The other defect group deals with connection properties:

  1. Shorts (unwanted continuity to other nearby connection points)
  2. Opens (lack of continuity between the board and device connection)
  3. Quality (free of malformation, excess or inadequate solder, cold solder voids, etc.).

During test debug, test developers can use the Board Grader to analyze test stability and ensure that coverage requirements are met in production. The Board Grader provides assurance of board test quality and feeds valuable information into the Coverage Analyst.

The Test Coverage Reporting Tool provides early test coverage reporting with component and device level information. This helps to evaluate which parts have adequate data and which require additional work, such as the development of libraries.

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