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No-Wire Fixture Products

Keysight No-Wire Fixturing Technology provides superior test performance, test coverage and faster time to market by replacing the traditional hand-wired ICT fixture with a PCB-based fixture. Keysight has developed special PCB routing algorithms and deflection analysis software that result in superior signal integrity and reliable contact performance. No-Wire fixtures will be completed faster, have fewer errors and better signal quality resulting in fewer false failures or false passes in production. No-Wire Fixturing removes not just wiring but also many of the costs and complexities associated with short-wire and wireless in-circuit test (ICT) fixtures.

  • Superior test performance. Wires are replaced with a custom No-Wire printed circuit board (PCB) using Keysight's intelligent routing algorithms, so signal quality is improved, false calls are reduced.
  • Better coverage. No-Wire fixtures never block resources, freeing up approximately 10 percent additional test system resources compared to short-wire fixtures.
  • Faster turn-on. No-Wire PCBs are designed by Keysight and the fixtures are built by qualified Keysight No-Wire Partners. Fixtures arrive complete--including fixture electronics--so they're ready to work immediately.
  • Shorter lead times. Keysight develops the No-Wire PCB at the same time a Keysight No-Wire Partner is building the fixture. This parallel design-build process results in shorter lead times for complex, high-density fixtures.
  • More cost effective. Keysight No-Wire Fixture Technology reduces fixed and hidden costs for testing complex, dense, high-node-count boards. No-Wire fixtures are especially cost-effective in high-volume production environments where duplicate fixtures need to be shipped and deployed quickly.

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