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Digital Test

FeatureMedalist 3070Medalist i5000
Vector Application Rates6,12, 20 MPs6 MPs
Drive Level Voltage-3 to 5 v0 to 5 v
Timing SetsYesNo
Driver/Receiver OffsetsYesNo
Slew Rates Adj 25 to 250 V/us Fixed rise/fall time of 12nS
Receiver ThresholdsDual ThresholdsSingle Threshold
Vectorless Test Types Supported TestJet & VTEPTestJet & VTEP
Connect CheckYesNo

From basic logic circuits to custom ASICs, Keysight's in-circuit test systems are equipped to do vector-based digital testing on these devices. The Keysight In-circuit test systems, both the Medalist 3070 and i5000, provide leading edge digital in-circuit testing capability to help you get products to market faster with superior test coverage, accuracy, repeatability and transportability.

Digital tests on the Keysight In-circuit test systems use an easy to understand vector-based language called Vector Control Language (VCL). This is a structure programming language used to write tests for individual devices or clusters of digital devices. A vector-based test applies a series of vectors to the device and compares the device's actual response to the expected response. Based on the responses, the test either passes or fails.

Powered with high accuracy in drivers and receivers, repeatable digital tests on the ICT systems are guaranteed with every driver's edge placement accuracy ensured to within 10 nanoseconds.

The architecture of the ICT system allows large vector pattern sets of up to 128 billion patterns without reloading pin RAM.

Another element in digital testing is Keysight's Safeguard In-Circuit that protects upstream devices on the board with a reliable, stable and safe backdrive solution for digital in-circuit test. Keysight's Safeguard technique sets the maximum safe backdrive time for the test based on looking at the board topology and determining what upstream devices would be backdriven during the test execution. In addition, the In-Circuit Program Generator (IPG) can generate tests with multi-level disabling of upstream devices.

The key differentiator in Keysight's new Medalist i5000 in-circuit test system lies in the new unmultiplexed pin card that provides a high accuracy, fully programmable digital channel per pin. This provides the greatest flexibility for digital testing and enables the i5000 software to generate fixture build files quickly, allowing you to get your product into production in the least amount of time.

In terms of vector application rates, Keysight offers 6 million patterns per second (MPs) in the i5000 while offering a choice of up to 20 MPs in the 3070 ICT system.

Other ICT test technologies that apply to digital test include:

  • Ability to program Flash memory and PLD devices
  • Boundary Scan including Silicon Nails testing and the ScanWorks boundary scan solution.
  • Dynamic Test Access Suite - Access Consultant, DriveThru, Silicon Nails, AwareTest xi, and the Interconnect Plus Boundary Scan product to address problems caused by limited test probe access

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