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Discontinued 41000 Series Integrated Parametric Analysis and Characterization Environment (iPACE)


The Keysight 41000 Series was discontinued on Dec 31, 2011 and had offered a solution that fills the gap between expensive production-level testers and the low performance, user-created instrument solutions.

  • 1 fA measurements through a switching matrix
    The Keysight 41000 Series allows engineers and scientists doing wafer characterization in development lab environments to make highly accurate measurements through a switching matrix and probe card without any compromise in the performance of their semiconductor parameter analyzers. Resolution of 1 fA is maintained all the way to the interface of the probe card needle and the wafer.

    The B2200 and B2201 low-leakage switching matrices, which form the core of the 41000 Series solution, enable respective measurements of 1 fA and 10 fA to be made through them. When combined with the B2220 probe card interface and Keysight's advanced low-leakage probe card expertise, this unequaled measurement performance allows the full measurement potential of semiconductor parameter analyzers (4155C, 4156C, or E5270B) to be realized. This integration eliminates the arduous task of building a custom instrument solution and ensures that the performance standards of the parameter analyzer are maintained.
  • Support for CV and IV measurements through positioners
    Prior to the introduction of the 41000 Series, switching between CV and IV measurements using positioners required manual disconnection and reconnection of the parameter analyzer cables and C meter cables. The 41000 Series' patented E5288A atto-sense and switch unit (for the E5270B) parameter analyzer) and the B2200/B2201 switching matrices enable you to switch between CV and IV measurements simply by issuing a few software commands.
  • Support for full Kelvin measurements using 4 SMUs
    The new, patented switching matrix has 14 inputs (8 triaxial and 6 BNC). Each input corresponds to a unique internal path, which offers the highest level of flexibility by eliminating the need to multiplex inputs. The 8 triaxial inputs support full Kelvin measurements (force and sense) using 4 SMUs. Two dedicated BNC inputs are available for CV measurements on the same setup while the 4 remaining BNC inputs provide flexibility for future expansion. This level of automation dramatically increases test efficiency.
  • Support for CV measurements with built-in compensation
    Models 200, 300 and 400 of the 41000 Series use the B2200 and B2201 switching matrices, which have built-in compensation features for CV measurement data.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Integrated switching matrix, probe card interface, and probe card Enables automation of wafer characterization without compromising the 1 fA measurement performance of the semiconductor parameter analyzer.   Details
B2200 and B2201 switching matrices have 8 triaxial and 6 BNC inputs Allows utilization all of the measurement resources of the semiconductor parameter analyzer.  Details
Atto sense unit (ASU) Easy to switch between CV and IV measurements; no need to physically change cabling or move to a different probe station; 100 aA resolution
Complete, integrated solution Simpler, less expensive alternative that is optimized for use in wafer characterization environments.


  • 4155C, 4156C, or E5270B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers
  • E5288A Atto Sense & Switch Unit (for the E5270B)
  • B2200A/B2201A Low Leakage Switching Matrices
  • B2220A Wafer Prober Interface (24 pins or 48 pins)
  • 1.6 m rack with PDU and EMO (PDU & EMO are optional)
  • E4980A C Meter (optional)


41000 Model 100: Ultra-Precision (0.1 fA/0.5µV) CV/IV Measurement

41000 Model 200: Precision (1 fA/0.5µV) CV/IV Measurement
° Analyzers option (4155C, 4156C and 5270B)
° E4980A C Meter (optional)
° PDU/EMO (optional)

41000 Model 300: 1 fA/0.5µV General Purpose CV/IV Measurement
° Analyzers option (4156C or 5270B) Model 400 only
° Probe Card I/F Pins (24 or 48)
° Kelvin ch numbers (0-8)
° E4980A C Meter (optional)
° PDU/EMO (optional)

41000 Model 400: 10 fA/0.5µV General Purpose CV/IV Measurement
° Analyzers option (4155C, 4156C or 5270B) Model 400 only
° Probe Card I/F Pins (24 or 48)
° Kelvin ch numbers (0-8)
° E4980A C Meter (optional)
° PDU/EMO (optional)

Key Specifications

Current Measurement Resolution (Model 100) 0.1 femto-Amps (100 atto-Amps)
Current Measurement Resolution (Model 200, 300) 1.0 femto-Amps
Current Measurement Resolution (Model 400) 10.0 femto-Amps
Voltage Measurement Resolution
(All 4155C and 4156C option based Models)
0.2 micro-Volts
Voltage Measurement Resolution
(All E5270B HRSMU and MPSMU option based Models)
0.5 micro-Volts
Probe Card I/F Pins 24 or 48
Kelvin Channels 0 to 4
C Measurement (Optional) 2MHz (E4980A)
PDU Voltage (Optional)  


The following probe card suppliers have been certified by Keysight to provide low-leakage, direct-docking probe cards capable of being used with the 1 fA version (option 300) of the 41000 Series:

  • Japan Electronic Material (JEM)
  • Micronics Japan Co., Ltd. (MJC)

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