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Principais recursos e especificações


  • Displays RapidIO data captured by a logic analyzer in a textual decode
  • Detects and indicates data corruption errors in control symbols and packets
  • Allows triggering of the logic analyzer by specifying values in protocol fields
  • Refer to the technical overview for more information


The N4215A RapidIO protocol analysis tool is optional software that adds RapidIO protocol triggering, protocol-based display and error detection capabilities to the logic analyzer. This tool helps you analyze data traveling across parallel RapidIO buses (either 8-bit or 16-bit) in a high level view.

Working together with the Keysight 16760A logic analyzer module, this tool allows real-time filtering of Idle control symbols to maximize the effectiveness of the analyzer's deep memory. This tool also provides a trigger macro which allows easy setup of triggers on RapidIO protocol fields such as Symbol Type, Format Type, and Source and Destination device IDs.

All RapidIO traffic is time-stamped in the logic analyzer for time-correlation measurements with other system buses such as other RapidIO links, microprocessor bus, memory interface, network processors, etc.