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Optical Transceiver Testing for Characterization

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Optical Transceiver for Characterization

Fast and accurate characterization


The most complex part of XFP/XFI electrical test required by the MSA group is the receiver jitter tolerance measurement. A mix of RJ, DCD, PJ and ISI is required to stress the receiver. The test requires a complete jitter tolerance analysis (eye-mask tests, jitter tests, and output level tests), where sinusoidal jitter amplitude is varied.

Optical Transceiver for Characterization

The Keysight J-BERT N4903A offers quick and accurate receiver and transmitter characterization of XFP modules. For precise waveform and eye analysis of electrical and optical signals the wide bandwidth oscilloscope 81600C DCA-J can be used. Optical power meters and attenuators complement the test setup on the optical side.

Benefits of Keysight‘s J-BERT N4903A


  • Test jitter tolerance quickly and efficiently through automation with built-in and calibrated RJ, PJ and ISI jitter sources and sinusoidal interference for vertical eye closure. Automated receiver jitter tolerance mask tests for XFP modules (1000 UI @ 100 Hz – 2.5 UI @ 300 MHz)
  • Transmitter eye mask tests with the quick eye analysis with pass/fail testing
  • Library of compliance test
  • Fast total jitter measurement algorithm reduces the test time to minutes instead of hours.