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Generate calibrated jitter

Keysight BERTs let you control the composition of the jitter (RJ, PJ, BUJ, ISI, SI) to create both realistic and worse case stress conditions. Typically you can characterize receiver tolerance by sweeping SJ and PJ in frequency and amplitude, and search for the maximum jitter value the receiver tolerates. By building complete jitter tolerance test capabilities into the BERT, Keysight helps take the complexity out of the test setup. This reduces the time to start testing.

Jitter Tolerance

Using a real-time or sampling oscilloscope helps verify the stress level and analyze precisely the waveform for any bit pattern. For receiver tolerance testing however, a BERT is needed. The pattern generator of the BERT injects the pattern with the stressed signal, while the BERT error detector monitors the BER level of the received pattern.

Your advantages

Complete jitter tolerance
J-BERT provides built-in and calibrated jitter sources for SJ, RJ, ISI and sinusoidal interference. Automated jitter tolerance characterization and compliance routines provide immediate test results. By including complete jitter injection capabilities into the BERT, Keysight helps to save weeks of engineering time with the reduced complexity and programming effort of the test setup.

Automated jitter tolerance compliance test
It checks whether the receiver meets the standard and determines noncompliant settings. This result screen from the J-BERT shows the noncompliant and tested points with red crosses. Such automated results make it simple and fast to check whether a receiver meets the compliance criteria the passed points with green circles.The automated jitter tolerance characterization automatically searches for the maximum jitter value the receiver tolerates by sweeping SJ and PJ in modulation frequency and magnitude. J-BERT provides such automated characterization of jitter tolerance.


Multi-lane characterization
For multi-lane standards, the biggest challenge is to ensure that the pattern generators for each channel are running synchronously and at the same speed. Keysight leads the market with its modular ParBERT 81250. This cuts out lengthy calibration and tedious checking of the test setup, to provide confident best results.

Jitter Master Competence Center

Be a jitter master – join the different modules like jitter theory, fundamentals, jitter calibration.