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N2101A-H10 PXIT Manufacturing BERT

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Keysight Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announced on December 13, 2006, that it has completed the acquisition of certain assets of PXIT Inc., a privately held company that provides signal integrity testing systems for broadband optical transceiver manufacturers. For more information, see the press release.


- Single instrument 2 wide PXI card containing pattern generation and error detection

- Easily combined with DCA, Pattern Generator, or multiple BERT modules in a PXI chassis

- Single error and error rate injection

- Automatic clock/data alignment

- Jitter bathtub measuring eye opening at defined error ratio depth

- Total error counts over definable time or number of bits

- Bit error over time display


The N2101A-H10 5Gb/s BERT consists of a high accuracy clock source, data pattern generator, and error detector. It will automatically perform bit error rate analysis to characterize the quality of devices from 1.0625 to 5 Gbp/s. When combined with the N2100A-H10 Digital Communications Analyzer, the N2101A PXI BERT represents extraordinary value in communications test equipment.


  • Significantly smaller than a conventional BERT
  • Differential Data Generation and Analysis
  • User-selectable data patterns PRBS 2n-1, n=7, 9, 10, 11, 15, 23, 31; K28.5, K28.7, CRPAT
  • 2Kbits User Pattern Memory
  • Internal clock for the following rates (GHz, ±20 ppm): 1.0625, 1.25, 2.125, 2.488, 2.50, 4.25, 5.0