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C1280A ASUR Parallel Device Reliability (ASUR PDR)

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Cost-effective, scalable systems for reliability and parametric
tests for modern manufacturing


Keysight's Advanced Scalable Unified Reliability (ASUR) family of reliability test products provides a range of solutions for different needs, budgets, experience levels and strategies. The Single Device Reliability (ASUR SDR) product provides a PC and instruments-based solution for single device-at-a-time reliability testing with modest equipment investment using proven reliability test algorithms. ASUR PDR is a high-performance, low-cost, accelerated reliability and parametric solution for parallel multi-site testing that incorporates the proven accelerated techniques of Core Wafer Systems PDQ-WLR using instruments-based solutions. ASUR PDR is part of the ASUR scalable set of solutions: one hardware, one software, from instruments to systems, on-wafer to package.

ASUR PDR makes the measurements your technology needs


ASUR PDR provides parallel, multi-site, on-wafer or packaged DC and AC/Pulsed TDDB, BTS, HCI, N/PBTI and EM long term reliability tests. Advanced features allow detection of novel effects found in advanced materials such as high-k and low-k dielectrics, copper and transition silicide barrier metallization. In dielectric reliability ASUR PDR can use advanced adaptive scanning and specialized failure detection methods to zero in on relevant operating regimes and identify soft breakdowns. In BTI, ASUR PDR executes fast measurements for proper detection and avoids relaxation effects.

Reliability test with confidence


JEDEC Standard reliability test algorithms in ASUR are in their fifth generation. This suite is a fully tested and supported with over 10 years of in-field experience and validation.

  • Precision architecture and scalable test control
  • Keysight WLR technology DNA inside
  • Superior phenomena detection
  • Improve your timing for business decisions
  • CWS PDQ-WLR algorithms (TM)
  • DC and AC reliability

DC modules


  • Electromigration (EM)
  • Bias Temperature Stress (BTS)
  • Gate Oxide Integrity (GOI)
  • Hot Carrier Injection (HCI)
  • Bias Temperature Instability (BTI, etc.)

AC modules


  • AC Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown (AC TDDB)
  • AC Bias Temperature Instability (AC BTI)
  • AC Hot Carrier Injection (AC HCI)
  • Double Pulsed AC (AC HCI +NBTI)

Keysight instruments supported:


  • Keysight E5250, B2200 and B2201 switch matrix
  • Keysight 81110A, 8114A pulse generators
  • Keysight 4284A CV meter
  • Keysight 4294A impedance analyzer
  • Keysight E5288A ASU, atto sense unit
  • Keysight 41000-400 to -100 series systems
  • Keysight power supplies

Other Features


  • Get acceleration factors in a single touchdown
  • Measure more without relaxation
  • Per-pin captures fast and rare behaviors
  • Spatial wafer mapped reliability data
  • On-wafer throughput economics
  • Core Wafer Systems PDQ-WLR algorithms
  • DC and pulsed reliability