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Reliability and Parametric Test Consulting Provided By Core Wafer Systems

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Consulting Services

Our extensive knowledge base of over 100 man-years of semiconductor industry experience in nearly every aspect of the parametric and reliability test provides key value to customers by short-circuiting learning and implementation curves through standard or customer training, project management, financial and process analysis and custom solution consulting.

Test Services

In the new world of outsourcing business operations, only core competencies are retained while low volume, high skill activities like testing become attractive as external services. Core Wafer System’s extensive industry experience in both production and R&D parametric and reliability test allows us to offer testing services that help customers focus on their strengths without having to spin up essential yet secondary test lab infrastructure.

Reliability and Parametric Algorithm Design

Our design physics and modeling experience allows us to extend our PDQ-FAB™ products or create new test structures to illuminate and characterize failure mechanisms impacting both direct process metrics as well as reliability lifetimes.

Test Program Translation and Correlation

Our experience in creating and managing parametric test plans and test algorithms combined with our software management experience allow us to provide translation services from legacy test platforms. Our experience also gives us methodologies for correlating test results to data taken from legacy systems to facilitate ISO 9000 validation and certification of new test capabilities.

Prober, Probe Card and Cabling Integration

Our extensive partnerships with leading prober manufactures such as Cascade Microsystems, Micromanipulator, Electroglas, Accretech, etc. and probe card technologies from single- to multi-site cards such as Celadon enables customers to perform parallel contact probing at temperatures up to 400C for full long-term reliability on-wafer.

Test Strategy and Financial Analysis

Our strengths in test engineering and engineering management allow us to provide test investment analysis and strategy. We can assist in process analysis and executive financial analysis to identify or justify test investment and strategy.

We can also work with your IT organization for database design for and data warehousing of test results.

PDQ-FAB™ is a trademark of Core Wafer Systems