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10897C High-Resolution VMEbus Laser Axis Board

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The Keysight 10897C VMEbus laser axis board offers the highest measurement resolution commercially available in positioning systems. With resolution up to 0.3 nm, it provides ultra-precise position (or distance) information for advanced products such as IC fabrication equipment. The Keysight 10897C is tested at frequencies equivalent to 0.7 m/s plane mirror slew rates.

The register-programmed position axis board provides a 36-bit position word in fractional wavelengths. The word is readable over the VMEbus and is also available from a real-time hardware output on the A and C rows of the P2 connector. Its very high data rates accommodate high-bandwidth, high-performance closed-loop applications. Configured with appropriate laser and optics components, the Keysight 10897C supplies unsurpassed positioning accuracy for dynamic measurements.

  • VMEbus Position Output
  • Data Format:
  • Units: fractions of a wavelength
  • 2's Complement: choose any 32 of 35 bits to read
  • Positive Logic
  • Data Rate Over Backplane: >100 kHz
  • Sample Data Age:
  • Fixed: After a synchronous sample operation, the value in the position register will reflect the actual position that occurred approximately X ns before the sample operation was initiated. There are two user-selectable values of X, 290 ns and 790 ns.
  • Sample Delay:
  • The position register may be read 100 ns or 600 ns after a hardware sample operation, via the sample delay register bit.
  • P2 Connector Hardware Position Output
  • Data Age:
  • Fixed: The data on the hardware output line will reflect the position that occurred approximately 1.2 us before the next rising edge of the 10 MHz clock.
  • General Information
  • VME Compliance:
  • A16 Data Transfer Cycles
  • D16 Data Transfer Cycles
  • A24 Data Transfer Cycles
  • D32 Data Transfer Cycles
  • D08(O) Interrupt Acknowledge Cycles
  • Power Requirements:
  • 5 Vdc + 0.25 V/-0.125 V at less than 3.5 A
  • +12 V +/-0.5 V at less than 0.1A
  • -12 V +/-0.5V at less than 0.025A
  • Cooling Requirements:
  • 19 linear meters (60 linear feet) per minute for 0-40 degrees C operation 76 linear meters (250 linear feet) per minute minimum for 0-55 degrees C operation
  • Reduced data age ambiguity ensures dynamic accuracy
  • Low noise rating improves repeatability
  • Full electrical and mechanical compliance with VMEbus specifications
  • Programmable signal routing
  • High reliability backed by three-year warranty
  • Integrated board functions reduce system size, complexity, development time, and cost