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89601A-BHB UWB/MB-OFDM Modulation Analysis

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Principais recursos e especificações

Analyze and troubleshoot WiMedia-based MB-OFDM ultra-wideband PHY layer signals:

  • Supported Formats: WiMedia Alliance PHY Interface Specification (v1.1), and all Time Frequency Codes (TFC1 through TFC10), including FFI (non-hopped), and TFI and TFI2 (hopped)
  • Data rates (Mb/Sec): 480, 400, 320, 200, 160, 106.7, 80, 53.3
  • Preamble types: standard, burst
  • EVM: -31 dB (Infiniium 90000 series)


Option BHB multi-band-OFDM modulation analysis offers advanced measurement tools needed to analyze and troubleshoot the complex wide-bandwidth, and time-varying nature of UWB MB-OFDM PHY layer signals.

Extensive vector features like time-gating, spectrogram displays, built-in ACPR and OBW capabilities, make it well-suited for the most demanding R&D tasks, providing designers and developers an extensive tool set needed to gain greater insight into the complexities and challenges inherent with MB-OFDM signals.

  • New time-scaling analysis capabilities for hopped and non-hopped signals allow early chip designers to run baseband hardware at reduced speed even when the RF subsystem hops at full frequency steps.
  • Automatic detection for all Time Frequency Codes (1-10), including FFI (non-hopped), and TFI and TFI2 (hopped), for easy measurement setup
  • Covers a wide range of formats, including QPSK and DCM modulation, using burst or standard preamble types
  • Capture the complete UWB burst. Use it with the ultra-high performance Keysight Infiniium oscilloscopes, for frequency coverage up to 13 GHz, and logic analyzers for baseband FPGA and ASIC development
  • Wide selection of analysis tools, including EVM, CCDF, I/Q parameters, packet spectrum common pilot error, header info, demodulated bits, and more.