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E6832A W-CDMA Cal Application for the E6601A Wireless Communications Test Set

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Principais recursos e especificações

This product will be discontinued with a last order date of October 31, 2011. It will be replaced by the E1963A, one of the E5515C applications.


  • W-CDMA ARB source for flexible phone receiver (RSSI) testing
  • Full set of high-speed transmitter measurements support all W-CDMA/HSDPA chipset calibration
  • Dynamic Power provides fast series of power measurements for high-speed amplitude characterization (requires chipset support)
  • Optional Fast Device Tune capability combines Dynamic Power, frequency hopping and simultaneous source (RSSI) for high-speed transmitter and receiver characterization of supported chipsets


  • QPSK Modulation Residual EVM < 10% (< 3% typical)
  • Channel Power measurement < +\- 0.6 dB (< +\- 0.3 dB typical)
  • EVM measurement < +\- 2.5% rms

Dynamic Range

  • Channel Power measurement -65 dBm to +28 dBm
  • Waveform Quality measurement -25 dBm to +28 dBm


The Keysight E6832A W-CDMA cal application for the E6601A test set provides all the necessary capabilities to calibrate your W-CDMA and HSDPA mobile devices. This cal application, designed for non-signaling test in high-volume manufacturing, helps you achieve your time-to-market goals while lowering your cost of test for W-CDMA and HSDPA wireless devices.

This W-CDMA/HSDPA test solution is based on the new, next-generation, high-performance E6601A test set. You gain the benefits of industry leading measurement speed, optional time-based and portable licensing, and an integrated open Windows PC. With applications focused on calibration, flexible licensing, a built-in PC and high-speed measurements, the next-generation capabilities of this test set offers a UMTS calibration solution that can increase your throughput and reduce your test costs.

  • ARB source for flexible phone receiver (RSSI) testing
  • Fullset of transmitter measurements:
    - Mean Power and RRC-filtered Power
    - Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio
    - Spectrum Emission Mask
    - EVM
    - Frequency Error
    - Peak Code Domain Error
    - Occupied Bandwidth
  • Dynamic power for fast series of power measurements
  • High-performance Spectrum Monitor
    - Spectral analysis in a Windows interface
  • Optional Fast Device Tune capability
    - Simultaneous Tx Power and RSSI measurements in 20 ms step sizes
    - Upgrade available for variable step sizes from 5 ms to 20 ms