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PNA-L Series 4-Port Test Set, Config with Extended Power Range & Second Source (Options 146/246)

Status do Produto: Descontinuado | Com Suporte
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Principais recursos e especificações


Option 146/246 is a 4-port, S-parameter, auto-reversing, configurable test set with extended power range and a second internal source for the N5230A/C PNA-L network analyzer.

The configurable test set provides access to the signal path between the internal source and the analyzer's test ports. This option provides the capability to improve instrument sensitivity for measuring low-level signals, to reverse the directional coupler to achieve even more dynamic range or to add components or other peripheral instruments for a variety of applications such as high-power measurements.

The extended power range adds a 60 dB step attenuator internally to the RF source path. This attenuator extends the source output power range to over 80 dB, allowing for maximum flexibility when stimulating the device under test.

The second internal source is independently tunable and can be used to provide a second stimulus for intermodulation testing of amplifiers and for use as a local oscillator (LO) signal for testing conversion loss of mixers and frequency converters.