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N8212A Performance Vector Upconverter LXI Module, 250 kHz to 20 GHz

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N8212A performance vector upconverter synthetic instrument module is a vector microwave source with greater than 1 GHz I/Q modulation bandwidth to generate a stimulus signal by upconverting a baseband signal. It features superior AM, FM, phase and pulse modulation capabilities (external or internal modulation). The N8212A is based upon the PSG vector signal generator.

The synthetic instrument family offers the highest-performing RF/MW LAN-based modular instrumentation and the smallest footprint for automated test systems (ATSs); providing the maximum flexibility, and minimizing the cost of an ATS over its lifetime. See a photo of the small modular size mounted in a rack.


  • LXI compliant
  • Similar performance to the E8267D 20 GHz vector signal generator
  • Coherent LO input/output ports allowing use of a common LO signal with multiple upconverters to provide coherent upconversion capability
  • CW, digital step, or analog sweeps
  • Standard high output power and step attenuator
  • Optional narrow pulse capability; enhanced phase noise performance
Frequency range: 250 kHz to 20 GHz with .001 Hz resolution
Sweep types: CW, digital step, or analog ramp
Numer of points: 2 to 65535, or 2 to 1601 per table
Triggering: Auto, external, single, LAN, or trigger bus
Output power: -20 to +16 dBm typical (for 250 kHz to 20 GHz)
Narrow pulse: (Option UNW) decreases output power by typically 3 dB
Step attenuator range: 0 dB and 5 to 115 dB in 10 dB steps
Power level accuracy:1 ±0.6 dB to ±1.0 dB
Leveling modes: Internal and external detectors
Spectral purity: < -55 dBc typical (2 to 20 GHz)
< -50 dBc typical (20 to 40 GHz)
Digital I/Q modulation bandwidth: 1 GHz
FM modulation bandwidth: DC to 1 MHz (typical)
AM modulation bandwidth: DC coupled, 0 to 100 kHz
AC coupled, 10 Hz to 100 kHz, usable to 1 MHz
Phase modulation: 10 to 320 radians, normal bandwidth mode
1 to 32 radians, high bandwidth mode
Pulse modulation:2 * Refer to following 5 lines
On/off ratio: 80 dB
Rise/fall times: 6 ns (typical)
Minimum pulse width: 0.5 µs (typical)
Pulse repetition frequency: DC to 1 MHz
Pulse modulation level accuracy: ±0.5 dB
1 Dependent on frequency and power level range.
2 For frequencies above 3.2 GHz.


Ordering Information  
N8212A Vector upconverter synthetic instrument module
N8212A-520 Frequency range from 250 kHz to 20 GHz
N8212A-UNU Standard pulse modulation
N8212A-UNW Narrow pulse modulation
N8212A-UNX Enhanced phase noise performance
N8212A-UNT AM, FM, PM modulation
N8212A-007 Analog ramp sweep interface (does not support 8757)
N8212A-016 Wideband, differential, external I/Q inputs