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1735A SanAlytics Software expands Fibre Channel Test Portfolio

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The tools you need to speed SAN development

As Fibre Channel fabrics grow in size and complexity, it becomes more difficult to identify the root cause of elusive, system-level problems. To test effectively, designers and system-level validation teams need state-of-the-art test equipment.This is critical to your company’s ability to deliver products to the market on time and to ensure customer satisfaction.

Pinpoint issues quickly with the Keysight 1735A multi-application protocol analyzer and traffic generator

The versatile Keysight 1735A 1/2/4-Gbps multi-application protocol analyzer and traffic generator helps you accelerate the development of Fibre Channel equipment and speed SAN deployment. In protocol analysis mode, the 1735A helps you debug the protocol interaction between two devices or a large fabric. Make debugging and root-cause analysis faster and easier, by using the system’s hardware-based search and filtering. You’ll navigate through large traces with ease. You can capture hard-to-reproduce problems using the built-in multi-level, multi-state triggering system.

With the 1735A Fibre Channel protocol analyzer, you can stop wasting time trying to recreate errors. With extensive pattern libraries, drag-and-drop functionality and the world’s only graphic state machine visualization, the Keysight analyzer is both powerful and easy to use. In traffic generator mode (SAN Tester), each 1735A module can simulate multiple independent devices generating traffic. You can recreate network traffic conditions to test the behavior of your system or device under test. With the industry unique record and replay functionality, you can recreate device behavior quickly and easily.

Get unprecedented insight into your captured data with SanAlytics software

Keysight has partnered with Protocol Analytics to bring you tools to dramatically improve your insight into your data and the time it takes to gain that insight. In May 2006, we will start shipping a standard version of Protocol Analytics’ SanAlytics software with each Keysight protocol analyzer. You also can purchase premium versions of SanAlytics software from Keysight starting in May.

SanAlytics software offers you increased clarity through multiple views on your captured data:

  • Exchange View
  • Fault View
  • Trace Summary View

Click here to download the SanAlytics software: 

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