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N5415A InfiniiScan Event Identification Software for 8000 Series oscilloscopes

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Principais recursos e especificações

Quickly and easily identify signal integrity issues

  • Application scans through thousand of acquired waveforms per second
  • Isolate anomalous signal behavior
  • Capture anomalies that hardware-based solutions can´t find

Standard InfiniiScan Features

  • Measurement Finder sets boundary conditions to specified measurement and finds them
  • Zone Quality Finder draws a "must pass" and "must not pass" zone on scope screen
  • Generic Serial Finder sets up 80-bit serial pattern for scope to identify
  • Non-monotonic Edge Finder identifies non-monotonic edges caused by reflections

Additional Standard InfiniiScan Features

  • Runt Finder identifies under-sized signal pulses
  • Measurement Limit Test counts violations against specified measurement value
  • Navigate to anomalous events
  • Set up to five different conditions over all channels

Product Compatibility

  • 8000 Series oscilloscopes


Keysight Technologies' InfiniiScan software allows you to use an oscilloscope to identify signal integrity issues in your electronic designs. The Keysight InfiniiScan event identification software quickly and easily identifies signal integrity issues. This innovative software scans through thousands of acquired waveforms per second to help you isolate anomalous signal behavior. Today's digital signals are increasingly complex. Designers of serial links and parallel busses want to quickly identify signal anomalies in their designs. Engineers have traditionally relied on hardware triggering and deep memory to capture such illusive events. However, these classic methods fall short in some key areas.

  • Measurement Limit Test counts the number of violations against specified measurement value conditions.
  • Choose up to 5 measurements
  • Define unacceptable ranges
  • Scope scans waveforms
  • Acquire & repeat until found
  • Navigate to anomalous events
  • Actions on failure: stop, print, e-mail, screen shot, save setup, save waveform, measurement